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The Department of Slavic Languages of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is pleased to announce the establishment of the Wisconsin Center for Pushkin Studies. The Center, a unique resource for scholars, is dedicated to research and publication on the work of Alexander Pushkin.

The Pushkin Collection

At the heart of the Pushkin Center is the Pushkin Collection, a library presently containing nearly 8000 individually catalogued journal articles, monographs and collections of articles about Pushkin, and editions and book-form translations. The collection, accumulated over more than forty years by Emeritus Professor J. Thomas Shaw to assist in his own and his students' research, is outstanding for the comprehensiveness of its holdings of periodical publications on Pushkin, and of individual articles published in books of scholarly journals. It is a gift to the University of Wisconsin. Various items in the collection -- books and microfilms (which have been photocopied for reading in regular printed form) -- have been received from the Pushkin Group at Pushkin House, St. Petersburg, Russia. New materials are continually being acquired through use of listings in scholarly bibliographical publications, such as the MLA International Bibliography, and through ongoing cooperation with Pushkin House; and systematic efforts are made to discover and fill hiatuses of older materials.

Catalogued items include not only individual books and articles from journals, but also the contents of important Russian serial publications on Pushkin, and also single-author and multi-author collections on Pushkin. the collection also contains the prime research editions of Pushkin, among others, and various translations in book form. Pushkin aids (e.g. Slovar' jazyka Pushkina, Pushkin: A Dictionary of Rhymes, Putevoditel' po Pushkinu) are also available. The Pushkin Collection consists of works directly by or on Pushkin. It is not for the accumulation of Pushkiniana as such, but for the purpose of making immediately available the publications directly needed for research on Pushkin's works (with less interest in Pushkin the person). Collection holdings are not loaned out; items my be removed only for immediate photocopying within the same building.

The Pushkin Collection is a valuable research resource, not only for students and faculty at the University of Wisconin, but for visiting scholars and also for research scholars and graduate students elsewhere.



Database Search Service

To assist researchers and provide broader access to the resources of the Pushkin Collection, the Pushkin Center has initiated a database search service. The contents of the Pushkin collection can no longer be searched through the telnet connection.

The contents of the catalogue can be searched on the web at:


Scholars and graduate students pursuing research projects on Pushkin can also apply to the Center with an email query, requesting a search of the books on a particular topic.


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