Graduate Student Funding:
Our graduate students are funded through a variety of sources, including: fellowships offered through the Department; University Fellowships offered through the Graduate School; Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships offered through the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia (CREECA); AOF Fellowships offered through the School of Letters and Sciences; and teaching or project assistantships within the department or in related units on campus. The Slavic Department aims to offers most of its incoming graduate students up to four-year guarantees of support comprised of a combination of funding experiences: teaching both language and culture or literature, research opportunities with faculty, and fellowships.  Since funding is dependent on the changing needs of the department, the specific makeup of funding packages cannot be determined in advance; however, it is not uncommon for our students to be funded through their fifth and sixth years of graduate study.  Funding is always dependent on satisfactory progress within the program.
For more information on costs, funding, and professional development opportunities in general, see the Graduate School:

And for more graduate funding opportunities in the area, see the CREECA website:

Students interested in applying for other forms of support (loans) should contact the Office of Student Financial Services:

Feel free to call our Department at 608-262-3498.

Departmental Fellowships: The Department controls several fellowships and awards.  (The Gasiorowska and Lipinski Fellowships, and the Zawacki Awards are intended for students with an interest in Polish.)  These opportunities are awarded to both incoming and continuing students, sometimes in combination with other funding sources.

University Fellowships: The Department nominates its top candidates for University Fellowships.  Successful candidates may receive academic-year Fellowships or two-year Prize Fellowships. Dissertators are also eligible for one-semester University Dissertation Fellowships in the Arts and Humanities. Fellowship recipients receive a generous stipend, in addition to a full tuition waiver and benefits.  See:

Advanced Opportunity Fellowships: AOF fellowships are also available to targeted minority and disadvantaged students from a partnership of the Graduate School and the College of Letters and Science, through the Community of Graduate Research Scholars (L&S CGRS).  This program also offers special mentoring, professional development, and networking opportunities to its scholars.

FLAS Fellowships: FLAS graduate fellowships are funded by the U.S. Department of Education to encourage international study, the development of knowledge and trained personnel, and to stimulate the attainment of foreign language acquisition and fluency.  The Fellowship offers generous award benefits, including a stipend plus payment of all tuition and fees.

Graduate Assistantships:
All graduate assistants with combined graduate assistant appointments of one-third time or more receive out-of-state tuition remission as well as a remission of in-state fees.  (They must still pay segregated fees and special fees approved by the legislature.)  Assistantship at this level also provide an excellent health insurance program and sick leave benefits:

Teaching Assistantships:  This is the most common form of support in our department.  Teaching Assistants are assigned teaching responsibilities in 1st- or 2nd-year Russian under the supervision of a language program coordinator or for intensive-writing discussion sections for our large literature survey classes under the supervision of the faculty member responsible for the survey course. TAs are occasionally needed for first or second-year classes in Serbo-Croatian, Czech, and Polish, and for discussion sections for a CREECA Interdisciplinary course on Russia or on Eastern Europe.  All TAs in our department are eligible for full tuition-remission and benefits.

Project Assistantships: Project Assistants assist Professors with research, training, or other academic programs or projects. Project Assistantships in our department are offered at an appointment level of at least 33.3% time, making PAs eligible for full tuition-remission and benefits.

Other Funding:

The Department often has additional funding for students as readers in large undergraduate courses; student hourly for assistance on the departmental website, newsletter, and other tasks; and as librarian/curator of our internationally utilized Pushkin Library.