Tomislav Longinovic


Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature

Affiliate, Department of Comparative Literature & Folklore Studies


Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1990



Research Interests: 

South Slavic literatures and cultures; Serbo-Croatian language; literary theory; Central and East European literary history; comparative Slavic studies; translation studies; cultural studies.

Courses Taught: 

Serbo-Croatian; Slavic and East European Folklore; Literatures and Cultures of Eastern Europe; Critical Theory.

Selected Publications: 


  • Granična Kultura: Politika identiteta u četiri slovenska romana dvadesetog veka (Beograd:
    Službeni glasnik, 2013)
  • Vampires Over the Ages: A Cultural Analysis of Scientific, Literary and Cinematic
    (San Diego: Cognella Publishing, 2013), textbook.
  • Vampire Nation: Violence As Cultural Imaginary (Durham: Duke University Press, 2011)
  • Vampires Like Us: Writing Down "the serbs" (Belgrade: Beogradski krug, 2005)
  • David Albahari, Words are Something Else, tr. Ellen Elias-Bursać, edited and with an afterword by T. Longinovic (Evanston:  Northwestern University Press, 1996), 215 pp.
  • Borderline Culture: The Politics of Identity in Four Twentieth Century Slavic Novels  (Fayetteville:  University of Arkansas Press, 1993), xiii, 197 pp.
  • Co-Edited and Co-Translated Volume, with Daniel Weissbort: Red Knight: Serbian Women Songs (London: King's College/Menard Press, 1992), 125pp.


  • “Zastrašujuće asimetrije: manifest kulturnog prevođenja.” Interkulturalnost,
    March 2013; vol. 5: pp. 236-243.
  • “Post-Yugoslav Emergence and the Creation of Difference,” in Post-
    Yugoslavia: The Cultural Legacies of a Vanished Land
    (Stanford: Stanford UP, 2013), pp.
  • “Old Men Singing: Epic Masculinity Among ‘the serbs,’ in Balkan Epic: Song,
    History, Modernity
    (Lanham: Scarecrow Press, 2012), pp. 225-261.
  • “Serbo-Croatian: Translating the Non-Identical Twins,” in Translation and Opposition, ed. Dimitis Asimakoulas (Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters Ltd, 2011), 283-295.
  • "Millennial Memories," The Other Shore (A Journal of Slavic and East European Immigrant Experience) 1 (2010): 33-46.
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  • “East-Central European Literatures, Twenty Years After,” East European Politics and Societies 23 (Nov 2009): 552 – 581 (co-authored, refereed article).
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