Study Abroad

Study abroad can be a life-changing experience.

  • Study abroad is marketable: serious time spent abroad, particularly in interesting countries like those in the Slavic lands, will look great on any resume.
  • Study abroad is workable: with numerous programs that range from a summer to a semester to a full academic year, you can work something out to take advantage of these great opportunities.
  • Study abroad can be affordable: funding and financial aid can usually be arranged.
Click on a location for a description of the program and further details such as applications and costs.

Study Abroad Programs

Location Duration Requirements Information

UW-sponsored programs

Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg or Vladimir Academic year, semester, or summer Language: Russian
Language requirement: Yes
Housing: Host family or dormitory

Language-immersion, cultural and area-studies program with a Business Russian option. Offered through ACTR.

Poland - Warsaw Fall or Spring semester Language: English
Language requirement: No
Housing: Dormitory

Cultural and area-studies program at the Warsaw School of Economics. Offered through CIEE.

Czech Republic - Prague Fall or spring semester Language: English
Language requirement: No
Housing: Dormitory

Broad, flexible area-studies (history, political science, sociology, literature, art history, cinema studies, and Czech language) program at Charles University  Offered through CIEE.

Czech Republic - Prague Semester or summer Language: English
Language requirement: No
Housing: Shared apartment
Communication arts (film), political science, literature, Jewish studies, and Czech language. Offered through CET.
Croatia - Rovinj Summer only Language: English
Language requirement: No
Housing: Shared
 UW Conflict and Culture

Non-UW programs

Croatia - Zagreb Summer   See webpage for more information. Study is also available at Center za strane jezike in Dubrovnik.
Poland - Krakow/Lublin/Warsaw Summer, semester or academic year   Students go to Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Catholic University of Lublin in Lublin or the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw. See website for more information.
Serbia - Novi Sad Summer   The Azbukum centre for Serbian Language and Culture. See website for more information.
Serbia - Belgrade/Valjevo Summer   See website for more information.

For more information about these programs, details on how to study abroad, or information on cost or credits, please visit the Study Abroad website or visit the Resource Room in 106 Red Gym.

Detailed information on logistics and credits for studying abroad in Russia on a UW-affiliated program can be found here.

You may also contact a faculty member teaching the language spoken in the country in which you want to study abroad.

For the Czech Republic, contact Professor Danaher
For Poland, contact Dr. Miernowska.
For Russia, contact Anna Tumarkin.
For Serbian or Croatian in the former Yugoslavia, contact Professor Longinovic.

UW-Madison graduate students study abroad in the Slavic lands through programs organized by the ACTR/ACCELSCIEEIREX. and the Koscuiszko Foundation among others. 

For more information about study abroad on the graduate level, contact Professor Shevelenko, the Slavic Department graduate advisor.