Serbo-Croatian Program

The Slavic Department at UW-Madison offers first and second year courses in Serbo-Croatian language. Our program is designed with instruction for everyone from beginners with no experience to graduate students looking to gain knowledge of another Slavic language, literature and culture. In addition, we offer courses in Serbo-Croatian literature taught both in translation and in the original (SL449: Istorija srpske i hrvatske literature; SL454: Moderna srpska i hrvatska literatura). Serbo-Croatian language and literature courses are taught by Professor Tomislav Longinovic and teaching assistants.

For more information on the Serbo-Croatian Language and Culture program, please contact the Slavic Department or Professor Tomislav Longinovic .

Why Study Serbo-Croatian?  

Serbo-Croatian is a great language to learn because:

Serbo-Croatian is spoken by millions of inhabitants in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia (in the former Yugoslavia), as well as by many others who have settled in the diaspora.

The Slavic Department at UW is well-known for its breadth of language instruction (including Serbo-Croatian, Russian, Polish, and Czech) and its excellence in foreign language teaching.

Serbo-Croatian language is held in small, informal classes. Students receive a lot of individual attention. Class meets 3 days per week at a reasonable hour.   The pace of each semester is tuned to the students' interests and needs. If you are a heritage learner, you'll finally be able to converse with your grandparents, and they'll love it!

Serbo-Croatian instruction is proficiency-based at UW:   Students master speaking, reading, and writing, as well as the fundamentals of the grammar by the end of the first year. Second-year classes focus on speaking skills and reading contemporary, unabridged texts.

Undergraduates who wish to learn Serbo-Croatian can earn a Certificate in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies from the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia.

Graduate students can minor in Serbo-Croatian for their Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literature.

Career paths available to students of Serbo-Croatian and Serbian/
Croatian cultures include:

Work in joint companies, institutions, and organizations in former Yugoslavia. Employment in the U. S. Embassy, Foreign Service, U.S. Military, or Peace Corps. Teaching English as a Second language in former Yugoslavia. Academic and scholarly work in Slavic Literatures, Comparative Literatures, East European History, Political Science, Folklore, Anthropology, Sociology, Linguistics, and more. Providing unique translation skills.

Be original and choose Serbo-Croatian--an exciting language with character!

Learn more about the former Yugoslavia, a strategic region of the world that is recovering from the aftermath of civil war. Open your mind to a wonderful new world of literature, film, music, folklore, history, and culture--all found at the European crossroads between East & West! Travel to the fascinating former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia) where Serbo-Croatian is spoken and join in on the conversations!

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