Polish Program

Old City, Kraków

The Slavic Department at UW-Madison offers courses in Polish language from the first year to the fourth. Our program is designed with instruction for everyone from beginners with no experience, to heritage speakers who speak Polish at home, to graduate students looking to gain knowledge of another Slavic language. In addition, we offer courses in Polish literature taught both in translation and in the original (e.g. SL470: Historia literatury polskiej do roku 1863; SL472: Historia literatury polskiej po roku 1863; Lit.Trans. 215: Polish Literature in Translation, 14th to the Mid-19th Century; Lit.Trans. 216: Polish Literature in Translation, Late 19th and 20th Centuries; Lit.Trans. 247: Taboo Topics in Polish Literature and Culture).

Polish language and literature courses are taught by Professor Halina Filipowicz and Dr. Ewa Miernowska . For more information on the Polish Language and Culture program, please contact the Slavic Department or Dr. Ewa Miernowska.


Why Study Polish?

Little Insurgents Monument, Warsaw

Poland is a country of a rich culture, intriguing history, and fascinating world-class literature. Poland is a former communist state in Central Europe, now a member of NATO and the European Union. Poland is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, a country of great possibilities and new jobs. If you study Polish language and literature you can enter the captivating world of literature which often reflects a difficult, sometimes painful, but always fascinating history of Poland and its people. You can enter the world of your ancestors if your family is Polish, Jewish, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Russian, German, because for centuries Poland was a melting pot of Europe. You can enter the new developing market which is the place where American business flourishes and waits for educated young people.

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